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Brexit asset manager content: noise or insight?

July 2016

June’s Brexit vote led to a big increase in asset manager content published, but not all was sufficiently insightful to encourage engagement.

 After the UK public wrong footed financial markets in the June 23rd Brexit referendum, asset managers rushed to write their views about the surprise result’s implications. But those that published most post-Brexit analysis did not necessarily publish the best.

Asset managers’ content production spiked to new highs, with the 50 leading international firms followed by the Idio Platform publishing 9,841 content articles in June, more than double May’s total of 3,938. While content is tending to rise from month to month, this increase was exceptional.

Most commonly, asset managers focused on Brexit’s short-term implications for the UK and global economies and different asset classes. While they published content swiftly on Friday 24th when the result was announced (see below) and the next week, few firms stood out by offering greater insights than what was generally available in the media.

A post-Brexit content spike

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Invesco UK, Credit Suisse and St James’s Place were, respectively, ranked the top three content producers. Notably, the asset managers publishing most content in June were not those that normally top Idio’s ranking of asset management content.

Firms such as Fidelity and Schroders, which dominated the Idio ranking in previous months, published exceptionally insightful comment. They gave investors greater understanding of how the referendum would affect their investments in the longer term, helping them to make investing decisions accordingly.

For example, Fidelity’s ‘Sanguine London is able to handle a ‘known known’’ expressed a clear view that the lasting effect of Brexit on the full range of asset classes would not be as bad as feared. Meanwhile, Schroders’ ‘The road that led to Brexit (and where it’s heading),’ reviewed the disaffection with globalisation that ultimately led to the Brexit vote. It concluded that such fundamental change means that professional investors need to react by developing new models and tools for analysis.

In conclusion, quantity of content alone does not ensure engagement. While asset managers’ content production is rising, quality is what counts.

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