Case studies

3i Intouch magazine

A first-class magazine for a leading private equity firm

The need

3i, the leading UK private equity firm, wanted to publish a quarterly magazine differentiating it from other providers of MBO and growth capital.

The difficult bit

We started copywriting and editing Intouch on its second issue, suggesting the following to help Intouch meet its goals:

  1. Explain on the inside front cover that 3i’s network of international offices and sector specialists add value to portfolio companies.
  2. Ensure that each article has a clear story line demonstrating the power of the network.
  3. Interview well-known businessmen from 3i’s extensive network to increase interest and, again, to illustrate the power of the network.

The result

Intouch was 3i’s core piece of marketing collateral for several years, distributed throughout the 14 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas where it had offices at the time.