Case studies

Hedge fund messaging

Articulating the investment strengths of a new European hedge fund

The need

How do you differentiate a European long-short equity hedge fund in a crowded market? Twenty years ago long-short equity hedge funds had novelty value. But following the financial crisis, investors have become skeptical about the abilities of many managers. This Geneva-based start-up needed to define its value-added in a concise set of messages, articulated in its investor presentation and other marketing collateral.

The difficult bit

As is the case with many alternative investment management companies, the senior executives at this company were seasoned investors but had little marketing experience. At meetings in London and Geneva, we analysed the defining characteristics of the fund and its management company. We then developed a distinct proposition for investors, outlining the funds target return profile. We profiled the investment style and investment team, as well as risk management and corporate governance.

The result

Our hedge fund client had a distinct set of messages, distinguishing it in a crowded market.