Case studies

RAB Capital Review

Articulating hedge fund strategies

The need

Michael Alen-Buckley, RAB Capital’s Executive Chairman, wanted to show shareholders and investors that the company was building a diversified business, hiring exceptionally talented fund managers and constructing a robust control environment. He asked us to write and design a newsletter that would demonstrate RAB’s continual evolution.

The difficult bit

We suggested that the newsletter should combine news demonstrating the business’s development with thought leadership’ articles showcasing RAB’s intellectual capital. Using engaging writing, compelling headlines and striking pictures, we produced a newsletter that would interest readers. Over time, we started to include more erudite market analysis, so allowing readers to appreciate the quality of RAB’s fund managers.

The result

The newsletter quickly became established as a key marketing and investor relations tool. It articulated not only the investment views and strategies of RAB’s fund managers, but also RAB’s investment in the infrastructure needed to support more funds under management.