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CSR for Europe’s leading aerospace and defence company

June 2010

EADS’ first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, published in June 2010, articulated the leading European aerospace and defence company’s policies and messages in a single document, defining its approach to a range of highly sensitive issues.

The Group’s businesses include Airbus, Eurocopter, a significant stake in the MBDA missile business and several other defence businesses besides. With environmental and ethical issues becoming increasingly important, it needed to describe its approaches to key topics such as reducing aircraft emissions and controlling the defence business.

At the same time, it wished to report how its Astrium space business was developing technologies to help fight climate change and manage disaster relief.

Working with a leading French accounting firm, Clerkenwell Consultancy was appointed in late 2009 to research and write the report. After more than 20 interviews, the report was written.

Within the report, EADS shows how the management philosophy of eco-efficiency’ is guiding its development, and reports on concrete CSR progress through Global Reporting Initiative metrics and other data.

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