What we do

Financial copywriting that persuades

Finance is technical; there’s no doubt about that. But it’s also fascinating. Derivatives markets, pensions, return-on-equity, trade flows — these can all be deeply interesting. Good financial copywriting can work magic. For more than 15 years, we’ve been writing web sites, brochures and thought leadership. We help banks, asset managers and professional services firms. And we get better at it all the time.

Web sites and social media make good financial copywriting key for digital communications. Digital real estate counts for marketing and communications. And words, more than pictures, are what counts.

Words bring traffic to your site through SEO. They keep traffic on your site through enticing copywriting. They can also elevate your brand on social media. Good financial copywriting has never been more valuable.

But writing well for asset managers, banks and professional services companies takes a rare combination of skills. Your copywriter needs in-depth financial knowledge, writing creativity and communications insight. Very few have these qualities. We do.

Words that work magic

Just recently we were selected from 10 copywriting firms to write a European bank’s new web site. A few thousand carefully-crafted words transformed the messaging and tone. We wrote about how capital markets helped companies to grow and employ people. Our words not only showed how the bank helps to finance its clients. But also they revealed the social benefits. This was important at a politically sensitive time for banking.

Another recent challenge was to explain the benefits of a derivatives processing and financing platform. With financial markets being re-regulated, this is a critical infrastructure. It will allow banks and asset managers to adapt to the new world. Across brochures, presentations and articles, our financial copywriting simply told the story of how this complex solution was essential for the markets.

In the past 15 years, we’ve written web sites and brochures about everything from hedge funds, to capital markets, to transaction banking. We’ve written bank web sites stretching to more than 100 pages. And, we’ve written about incredibly complex topics such as collateral management and derivatives processing.