What we do

Financial thought leadership writing that sparks debate

What is good thought leadership? Financial companies write hundreds of white papers, surveys and points of view every year. Yet their results vary hugely. Some are hardly read. But the best fuel FT columns, spark conference debates and ripple across social media. One or two financial videos have even gone viral on Youtube, with millions of views. 

We make your financial thought leadership writing successful. What do you want to achieve? Where’s the intellectual capital coming from? Why will your audience be interested? All this must be planned before you begin.

Our financial thought leadership writing distils what’s new. We use the journalist’s nose for a story to report the messages that grab attention. But, if you like, we’ll also help with the strategy and research that get the right result. You can pick which of the following areas you want  help with:

  1. Thought leadership strategy
  2. Qualitative research
  3. Quantitative research (in partnership with a market research company)
  4. White paper writing
  5. Point of view writing
  6. Video scripting
  7. Infographic storyboarding
  8. Social media posts.

Thought leadership’s potential rewards

The best financial thought leadership writing is well rewarded. But to be effective it must have breaking news or breaking views.

After the financial crisis, we had great success with a white paper revealing hedge funds’ lack of transparency. A Big Four consultant commissioned us to interview 40 institutional investors on the topic. Our analysis showed the areas for improvement. The paper was breaking news, winning our client lots of attention, FT column inches and a spot on CNBC.

Breaking views are also effective. Our 2014 report for the Association for Financial Markets in Europe argued that securitisation regulation needed to be relaxed. If it were not then parts of Europe’s economy such as German car manufacturing would suffer. We linked financial markets to the real economy and jobs in a way that would reunite with MEPs and other policymakers.

But the most successful financial thought leadership we’re aware of is Ray Dalio’s “How the economic machine works”. At our last viewing, the asset manager’s video had earned more than two million Youtube hits. We didn’t write this script — but wish we had.

In summary, our financial thought leadership writing always says something new. We write clearly and convincingly. And we tell engaging stories.

In the past two years, we’ve written thought leadership about this generation of billionaires, the importance of capital markets for Europe’s economy, the future of real estate asset management, equity markets, securitisation and much else besides.