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  • Five reasons why most asset managers’ web content fails

    September 2014

    Asset managers are upping their game when it comes to content. They’re packing their web sites with blogs, videos and white papers. But the harsh reality of digital traffic reveals that most of this effort is futile. While a few YouTube videos attract views in the hundreds of thousands and some LinkedIn blogs regularly score many thousands of hits, the… Read More >

  • Time for integrated reports? A writer’s perspective

    August 2014

    The move to integrated reports, in Europe at least, is gaining ground. A quick analysis of the FTSEurofirst 80 Index shows four of the continent’s largest companies publishing integrated reports for the first time in 2013, meaning that more than 20 of Europe’s leading public companies now do so. Bayer, Generali, Iberdrola and Siemens all recently published their inaugural integrated… Read More >

  • Thought leadership for financial services: A rare form of magic

    July 2014

    Thought leadership stories, well told, are a rare form of marketing magic. In the digital age, thought leadership – delivering forward-looking perspectives into topics affecting your clients’ prosperity – can have powerful results. Sparking interest across social and traditional media, raising brand awareness and breeding trust, it’s a catalyst for conversations with potential clients. Judging by the number of reviews… Read More >

  • Clerkenwell ranks asset managers’ digital content

    June 2014

    Find out who are the top-ranked content creators Asset managers with US parents and those with large retail businesses have mastered the art of digital web site generation in ways that others have failed to do, according to a new ranking of Europe’s top content creators in the asset management industry from the Clerkenwell Consultancy. The ranking of Europe’s top… Read More >

  • Asset management’s marketing conundrum, and what to do about it | Financial copywriting

    September 2013

    The asset management sector’s marketing environment is changing, markedly and rapidly. Old ways of marketing in the UK no longer work. For many years, commissions to financial advisers, advertisements trumpeting past performance in the trade press and road shows touring provincial towns successfully attracted retail savings. But now the UK’s Retail Distribution Review (RDR) is changing the game, and will… Read More >

  • UK pioneers ‘better and simpler’ company reporting: Annual report copywriting

    September 2013

    The UK government has introduced new regulations governing annual reports that will place the country’s quoted companies in the vanguard of reporting best practice. The new regulations, taking effect from the beginning of October 2013, signal the growing importance of high-quality writing of the narrative sections of annual reports, not just in the UK but everywhere. UK quoted companies beginning… Read More >

  • How the web improved financial copywriting

    May 2013

    Web sites, blogs and emails are influencing financial copywriting – mainly for the good Here’s an email I had from a European private banking client the other day: “We love the copy you’ve written Rupert, but one of our partners thinks it should start with the clients’ needs. We really need to talk about their disappointment with the wealth management… Read More >

  • Clever copywriting supports financial services sales

    September 2012

    Clever copywriting in its various forms is making marketing more effective in the digital age, helping financial services firms to deliver better results with smaller budgets. Well- written, thoughtful communications are successfully raising profiles, enhancing brands and even improving sales. Web copy, blogs, white papers, tweets and video scripts are in vogue as marketing departments get smarter about what works… Read More >

  • Clerkenwell thought leadership copywriting successes

    May 2011

    Proving their effectiveness, our thought leadership studies have recently scored considerable successes, leading to Financial Times press coverage for clients, high volumes of web traffic, conference invitations and, most importantly, new business. At a time of change in the hedge fund industry, a study we carried out for one leading accountancy firm has helped them to lead the debate about… Read More >

  • Enhancing emerging market annual reports

    November 2010

    Just about everyone knows that economic growth momentum is heading south to emerging markets. Yet as the world’s attention shifts to the leading organisations in Africa, Asia, emerging Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, in many cases their communications fail to do them justice. Step forwards the annual report – for many organisations in these regions the cornerstone of… Read More >